Meet the Band

REWIND is a high energy Marin based Rock/Funk/R&B/Pop party dance band. The band is made up of 6 San Francisco Bay Area locals, Dan, Mark, Annie, Gus, Mike and Aaron. REWIND offers everything from Motown to classic rock, along with current pop hits, and much more. Their repertoire includes songs like Get Down Tonight, Brick House, Blurred Lines, Billy Jean, Rappers Delight, Treasure, Funky Music, I Can't go for That, Uptown Funk, Just Dance and many many more!  If you want fun, excitement and dancing for your party-goers this band delivers an event your guests will remember for years to come.



GUS - Lead Guitar and Vocals

Gus has been shredding on the guitar since the age of 11 . He has played in various original projects.  By the time he turned 21 he worked with Narada Michael Walden in recording sessions, commercials and live  performances. 
Between 1994 and 2000 Gus toured Asia extensively in various bands. 
Coupled with Gus's interest in playing instruments was also a love for modifying them. He has constructed  several of his own guitars. 
Gus's mastery in rhythm playing and soloing continues to delight audiences with his creative ability and passion for his craft.

ANNIE - Lead Singer
Annie Scherer began singing at her local church in the Bronx at the age of 6. At the age of 12, Ann auditioned for the Hudson River Revival directed by Elizabeth Swados producer of the award-winning Broadway musical play Runaways and was cast with a solo performance.
Before turning 19 she studied with Anne Ruckert , located in the upper West side of Manhattan. With her powerful honeyed soprano Ann has entertained audiences across different musical genres at local venues throughout the Bay Area.


MIKE - Keyboards and Vocals

Mike began taking piano lessons at 6 years old.  Starting in high school he played in various bands. After high school he was accepted to The University of the Pacific Conservatory of Music  where he studied classical piano. After college he took a long break from music to focus on his career and family, but a few years ago Mike’s passion for music was renewed.  He began taking courses at the Jazz School in Berkley where he focused on Jazz and Blues theory. After jamming with several different bands in Marin, Mike found the style he wanted to focus on and with the help of his friends, REWIND was formed! Mike is the band manager and schedules the gigs for the band.


AARON - Drums

Aaron grew up in the Half Moon Bay area of California, and had a love for music early on.  He began with trumpet, playing from elementary through high school in numerous performances.   While in junior high, Aaron was drawn to the drums, as his father had his own band, and had drummers over regularly.  In just a few years, Aaron was playing in his father's band, playing weddings, parties, and special events at the ripe old age of 14.   In the decades following, Aaron has played and performed with numerous bands and has played a variety of styles including soul, funk, R&B, classic rock, jazz, and other styles as well.  He has played with L5The Soul StarzThe Doc Kraft Band, and is now making his musical home with REWIND.  Aaron is married, a father of two childeren, and his day job is working as a database administrator at the College of Marin. 


DAN - Lead Singer

Dan has graced many stages in his 35 year span as a vocalist frontman.  He has the unique ability to emulate the artist he sings and when he opens his mouth and starts to sing, the audiance reaction is immediate!  Dan is also an audiophile and music trivia expert who once won on the hit show "Rock and Roll Jeopardy". Dan claims he knows the words to over 10 Million songs! You can't put Dan in a style or genre, he has too many, he is truly one of a kind! 

MARK - Bass Guitar and Vocals

Mark has been playing Bass for decades in the Bay Area. He has been in many popular bands over the years and is in high demand for his Bass playing.  His styles include hard 80's rock, Blues, as well as danceable 70's 80's 90's to current hits. When he was growing up he begged his parents for a Bass guitar and that started his career in music. Mark has always loved all kinds of music and we are lucky to have him in REWIND.